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Sim-Aire 36in. Turn Key Headwall Package

Sim-Aire 36in. Turn Key Headwall Package
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This unit addresses ALL issues with current training Headwalls out on the market. The compressor is isolated from the unit to alleviate any vibration. Operation is quiet as our compressor produces 40dB of noise at peak volume, equal to the hum of a refrigerator.

Patented design for teaching. This Headwall generates vacuum, air and simulated oxygen by just connecting it to the external compressor which can be located anywhere you wish. The most inexpensive and quickest method for simulating a patient's room medical devices.  The traditional method of providing medical gas services can cost thousand of dollars per bed with a centralized vacuum, air plant and a network of plumbing. Meadows Medical Corporate designers have developed a Headwall that is self contained and solves all of the typical problems associated with a nursing simulation lab installation.

In less than an hour you have a fully functional, working patient room with working air, vacuum and simulated oxygen services.

Our solution is thousands of dollars less than a traditional centralized system.

Meadows Medical's Sim-Aire Headwalls can be added on at a time as budget permits rather than renovation an entire lab at once.

Headwalls can be moved easily if you need to relocate your lab.  Also, in the unlikely event that an air compressor breaks, it can easily be replaced while the rest of the lab continues to operate. the traditional system of a centralized air and vacuum pump would mean the whole lab is inoperable.

They produce accurate flow rates of air, vacuum and simulated oxygen using medical grade outlets and accessory products identical to those found in any hospital's patient room.

Available Components

Product Image Product SKU Product Name Price Quantity
H30002_productH30002Mobile Stand for Headwall and Flatwall
H30001_productH30001Compressor for Headwall and Flatwall

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