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SimCentral® SuperAnnie™ III Chest Tube + Drain Simulator

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SimCentral® SuperAnnie™ III Chest Tube + Drain Simulator

Our new chest drain simulator features an internal compressor so that all you need is a power point to run it. [SuperAnnie 2 needed to be connected to a compressed air source as well as electricity]. Now it will be easier to set up in tutorial rooms for training and demonstrations of how a chest drain system works.

The Chest Drain Function Simulator has all the same capacity of the SuperAnnie 1 for practicing catheter insertion plus the ability to simulate the functioning underwater sealed chest drain systems. A 30 French chest tube on the left and an 8 French pigtail catheter on the right, are already connected to the pleural space simulator inside the manikin’s chest.

This simulator generates fluctuations in the fluid level of an attached underwater sealed drain set. The system has an internal compressor that provides the spontaneous breathing function. This causes a swing in the drain of around two cm. If a larger fluctuation is required this is achieved by occluding the endotracheal tube in the manikin’s mouth. A cough is simulated by transiently pressing a button on the base of the simulator.

The size of the air leak is adjusted by turning the knob adjacent to the cough button.

If the simulation of the effects of positive pressure ventilation are required, the power lead is disconnected to stop spontaneous breathing, and a self-inflating bag or ventilator can be connected to the endotracheal tube.

Conditions that can be simulated include:

- Normal functioning with swinging of fluid level
- A small air leak
- A large air leak
- A blocked drainage circuit
- Leaks in the drainage circuit
- Correct and incorrect use of suction
- Effect of PEEP

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