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SMART MOM, an obstetrical trainer focused on the two primary challenges in OB deliveries, Post-Partum Hemorrhage (PPH) and Shoulder Dystocia, also exhibits a wide range of other birthing irregularities. Extensive Fetal Heart Rate (FHR) programming
ensures a broad exposure to variations in wave forms to test your practitioners’ knowledge and team leadership skills in handling patient treatment modalities.

The iPad®* interface is a simple and responsive control of physiologic parameters. The instructor can select to use predefined scenarios or develop scenarios that focus on key issues that are important in the training. Selectively alter specific parameters during the scenarios or in isolation to provide a reactive environment for the students to keep the focus on skills being developed. Features for the assessment of typical patient status include 10 pulse points continuously active, pupil response and size, blood pressure, heart and lung sounds, spontaneous respirations, and 5-lead monitoring capabilities with defibrillation and pacing.

Delivers a full range of training in a cost-effective package that will take students step-by-step from the basics to advanced scenarios with complex birthing issues, including shoulder dystocia and post-partum hemorrhages. The simulator supports training across Medical/Nursing to EMS birthing scenarios. The iPad®* interface lets you keep your focus on the training rather than managing the simulation.

The instructor can control a full range of physiologic dynamics that helps create the urgency needed in training. SMART MOM comes with 10 pulse points and four cardiac sounds, five-lead monitoring, 17 different cardiac rhythms, ability to take BP bilaterally, spontaneous respiration, the ability to take pulse oximetry, six lung sounds, full airway management, and reactive pupils for monitoring CNS level.

Advanced features with the fluids management give an effective and easy-to-manage system to reflect changes in blood flow and consistency that you encounter during the birthing process with three types of blood color and two types of clots. Additionally, amniotic fluid and meconium provide additional levels of realism, plus the ability to set up IVs for fluid management of the birth mother.

SMART MOM takes full advantage of the proven SMART STAT technology and provides the instructor with the ability to easily manage individual students and groups, automatically tracking events and responses during the session, then just as easily generating reports for effective and timely debriefing that can be downloaded as PDF files. No special computer programing skills are needed, you can be up and running with the simple interface in around five minutes.

• Easy to use iPad®* controls
• ALS features:
o Bilateral IV and BP arms
o 5-lead ECG monitoring
o Intubation
o Papillary responses
o 10 active pulse points
• 10 scenarios (made up of 36 vignettes)
• Flat-screen monitor for FHR and UA Graph
• Laptop monitor

SMART MOM with Auto Delivery
Includes all the same features as SMART MOM Basic (No. 3002), plus:o SMART MOM OB Simulator Auto Delivery • Auto delivery system with hands-free auto delivery with quiet pneumatic birth system.
o First breath baby with cry
o Auto leg edema
o Blinking eyes
o Focal seizures with rapid blinking eyes
o Fetus with first breath cry
o iPad®*
o SimVitals
o Pulse oximeter
o Supply kit for mixing different fluids
o BP Cuff
o Scenarios set to support OB training
o Standard one-year warranty

Manikins offered through Hudson Simulation Services

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