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Breast Self Exam Trainer

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Simulaids® Breast Self Examination Trainer

Simulaids Breast Self Examination (BSE) Trainer expands its new flesh based product line. You will no longer have to struggle with keeping the exam model clean because the new, non-toxic material is very stain resistant and cleans up easily with mild soap. The filling is a water based gel that emulates the natural consistency of a breast. The material is also very durable so that constant use in labs or teaching facilities won’t wear it out or
tear it.

Within the breast reside five lumps representing these disease states: cysts (fluid related), fibroadenomas, sclerosing adenosis, or fat necrosis. is a web site with information pertinent to BSE.

Breast Self Examination Trainer
Simulaids® No.1040 - $179.00


Previous sku 5067.

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