Amniocentesis Ultrasound Training Model


  • Excellent training platform for developing, practicing, and validating the skills associated with ultrasound guided amniocentesis procedures
  • Ultrasound guided amniocentesis training model contains realistic pelvic anatomy including a gravid uterus with a fetus of 18 week gestational age, umbilical cord with both fetal and placental cord insertions, anterior/anterolateral placenta, cervix, a variety of fluid pockets enabling users to begin training utilizing larger fluid pockets and work to develop their skills allowing them to guide needles to smaller pockets of amniotic fluid
  • Simulated patient of moderately sized body habitus allowing for a full range of skill development
  • Externally accurate fetal anatomy allowing for 3-D ultrasound training
  • Target small, medium, or large fluid collections offering a variety of training levels
  • Superb ultrasound imaging characteristics
  • Ultra-durable self healing tissue is extremely realistic in ultrasound imaging characteristics and feels like real human tissue
  • Self healing tissue will withstand tremendous use and will save you money by dramatically reducing the necessity for purchasing replacement parts
  • Ultra-durable design ensures repeatable results over thousands of uses
  • Adjustable amniotic fluid volumes to meet your changing training needs
  • Uncompromising image quality allows you to teach using sonographically accurate models
  • EasyFill port™ allows for continual infusion of simulated amniotic fluids
  • Contains anatomical landmarks for the most realistic simulation training
  • Practice using ultrasound system controls
  • Purchase includes one bottle of simulated refill solution; one clear 235mls bottle
  • Modular design
  • High quality
  • Patented technology
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