Gen II PICC with IV & Arterial Line Vascular Access Ultrasound Trainer


  • Specifically designed to train ultrasound guided PICC placement, ultrasound guided IV placement and ultrasound guided arterial line placement
  • Verify correct catheter placement with ultrasound or X-ray
  • Made with Blue Phantom’s ultra-durable SimulexUS™ tissue which is self-healing to prevent leaks and able to last over 1,000 needle cannulations
  • Designed to match the acoustic properties of human tissue; will work with any ultrasound system
  • Vascular Anatomy Includes:
    • Cephalic Vein
    • Radial Vein
    • Basilic Vein
    • Ulnar Vein
    • Medial Cubital Vein
    • Brachial  Artery
    • Radial Artery
    • Ulnar Artery
    • Superior Vena Cava & Subclavian Vein (To verify catheter placement)
  • Pulsating arteries via included hand-bulb
  • User replaceable tissue inserts

What’s in the box?

  • Second Generation PICC & IV/Arterial Line Ultrasound Training Arm
  • Subclavian/SVC Ultrasound Chest
  • Thermoformed Plastic Base
  • 235mL bottle of RED Ultrasound Refill Fluid
  • 235mL bottle of BLUE Ultrasound Refill Fluid

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