Gen II Ultrasound Central Line Training Model Replacement Tissue Insert


  • Replacement part for next generation upper torso central line mannequin (BPH660 series)
  • Compatible with both Hand Pump (Part Number BPH660-HP) and Automated Pump (Part Number BPH660-AP) configurations
  • The most realistic and durable central venous catheter ultrasound model available anywhere
  • Simulated tissue matches the acoustic characteristics of real human tissue; use with any ultrasound system
  • Life-like internal anatomy and external landmarks for ultrasound guided and blind insertion central line procedural training
  • Self-healing tissue offers users tremendous durability – yielding a low cost of ownership
  • Simulated superior vena cava, right atrium and right ventricle offers users the ability to fully thread guidewires and catheters without resistance
  • Arterial anatomy includes: carotid artery, subclavian artery and axillary artery
  • Venous anatomy includes: internal jugular vein (IJ), brachiocephalic vein, subclavian vein and axillary vein
  • Internal landmarks include: trachea, suprasternal notch, manubrium and clavicle
  • Veins are compressible using mild pressure while the arteries remain uncompressed
  • Replacement skin comes prefilled with Blue Phantom ultrasound refill solution; contains blue fluid in the venous system and red fluid in the arterial system
  • Easy to refill vessels with ultrasound refill solution using QuickFill™ ports
  • Patented technology
  • Made in USA
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