Paracentesis Ultrasound Training Model


  • Realistic and ultra-durable ultrasound guided paracentesis training model
  • Excellent for training clinicians in the psychomotor skills associated with ultrasound guided paracentesis procedures
  • Superb ultrasound imaging characteristics
  • Ultra-durable self healing tissue is extremely realistic in ultrasound imaging characteristics and feels like real human tissue
  • Self healing tissue will withstand tremendous use and will save you money by dramatically reducing the necessity for purchasing replacement parts
  • Anatomically correct anatomy of the mid abdomen including the right lobe of the liver, small bowel, transverse colon, and peritoneal fluid collections
  • Contains a variety of fluid pockets ranging in size from small, medium, and large allowing the user to begin their ultrasound training with easily obtainable fluid spaces and to progress to targeting  smaller fluid collections as their skills progress
  • Full lower torso from mid thorax to mid thigh
  • Intraperitoneal fluids that are removed during ultrasound guided paracentesis training are easily refilled using quick fill ports
  • Positive fluid flow in the vessels provides users with immediate feedback when intraperitoneal fluid is accessed
  • Multipurpose ultrasound imaging platform: available with femoral vessels and nerve options
  • Tissues match the acoustic characteristics of real human tissue so when you use your ultrasound system on our training models, you experience the same quality you expect from imaging patients in a clinical environment
  • Uncompromising image quality allows you to teach using sonographically accurate models
  • Performs well using any ultrasound imaging system
  • Practice using ultrasound system controls
  • Purchase includes 1 bottle of simulated refill solution; one clear 235mls bottle
  • Add optional Soft Storage Case for light transport and storage
  • Module design
  • High quality
  • No special storage needs
  • Patented technology
  • Made in USA
  • Size: 25” x 19” x 12” (64cm x  48cm x 30cm) (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 37 lbs. (17kg)
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