Nurse-Pac Complete

A convenient, low cost method of purchasing and distributing training materials to your student nurses for use in the classroom as well as for practice at home. Each kit is prepackaged with the products you require for your students. The instructor does not waste time giving out supplies each time a new procedure is being taught. All sterile products are packaged in their original sterile containers and placed in a handy carrying case.

The NURSE-PAC is priced to save you valuable budget dollars–this convenient kit costs less than purchasing each product separately. All your supplies will arrive on time, in one shipment, from one source.

To simplify distribution of the NURSE-PAC many schools make them available to their students through the bookstore. Students can purchase Nurse-Pacs directly from us, see inside back cover for more information.

A program can be developed to suit your needs. The NURSE-PAC can be designed with specific products you request according to your curriculum requirements.